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Workers Injured In The St. Cloud Area: Our Law Firm Is Here For You

While the population of St. Cloud may seem moderate in size, the city is, in fact, the largest population area in Central Minnesota. It is also less than an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities metro area. For these and other strategic reasons, its importance to the economy of Minnesota cannot be understated. Its population (and workforce) increased substantially throughout the first decade of this century and is likely to continue to grow.

According to the St. Cloud city government, the major areas of the local economy are the following:

  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Business and financial

Other employment opportunities of note in the St. Cloud region include mining and logging, construction, transportation and food service. Accidental injuries and occupation-related illnesses occur in these and all types of workplaces.

Injured workers employed in the St. Cloud area can confidently reach out to the attorneys at Midwest Disability Work Comp for advice and guidance. We offer clear direction for navigating the workers’ compensation system. We help clients in and around St. Cloud, throughout Central Minnesota and statewide.

Isn’t Workers’ Compensation Automatic?

Many workers in St. Cloud seem to assume that workers’ compensation benefits will come to them automatically after an injury on the job. In fact, many employees and contractors whose work-related injuries are covered by workers’ compensation are surprised to discover roadblocks along the path to financial and physical recovery. Many soon realize the need for legal advice and assistance.

Were you injured at a medical care facility, a warehouse, a print shop or a food products manufacturing facility? Whatever the circumstances of your on-the-job injury and wherever you work and live, a trusted workers’ compensation attorney can alleviate your stress and protect your right to fair compensation.

Bring Us On Board At Any Point In Your Job Injury Recovery Journey

If you call us right away, we can advise you on ways to protect your right to workers’ comp benefits, including medical care, wage replacement and sometimes more. If your injury leaves you with a lasting disability, we can explain how to navigate the Social Security Disability system as well as your workers’ compensation claim and/or appeals.

To schedule a free consultation, call us at 888-365-1477 or email us. You will not owe us attorney fees until we help you recover benefits.