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Workers’ Compensation for Workplace Heart Attack

Stress in the workplace is not uncommon. However, that stress should never be combined with a high level of exertion to the extent that it results in a heart attack. When it does, the victim can turn to Midwest Disability, for help. Our Minnesota work-related heart attack lawyers have years of experience helping people like you throughout Minnesota. These are challenging workers’ compensation cases, but our attorneys are up to the challenge.

Getting Workers’ Compensation For A Job Stress Health Problem

Workers’ compensation claims for job stress health problems like heart attacks are frequently denied. Filing a successful claim requires much more than simply proving that you were under stress at work. Almost everyone is under stress at work. What needs to be proven to confirm a work injury is that there was a combination of stress and a high level of exertion that clearly caused the heart attack. The experience offered by our Minnesota attorneys means that we know how to overcome the objections of employers and insurance companies to get results in these cases.

Long-Term Disability Benefits For Heart Attack Victims

Heart attack victims who purchased a long-term disability policy may be eligible for benefits. This is true whether or not the heart attack was suffered in the workplace. If it prevents return to work, as is typically the case with heart attacks, benefits should be available. Do not expect the insurance company to provide them automatically. It is likely that you will require the assistance of an experienced attorney to ensure that you get everything you are entitled to under the group or individual disability policy you purchased.

Free Case Evaluations For Heart Disease Victims

Get started today by scheduling a free consultation. Our Minneapolis work-related heart attack lawyers take cases on contingency, meaning you won’t pay any upfront fees until we recover benefits on your behalf.

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