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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims In MN

Have you applied for workers’ compensation in Minnesota and been denied? Have your benefits been cut off or reduced prematurely? You must act quickly to protect your rights. There are strict deadlines that must be followed when a workers’ compensation claim has been denied in Minnesota.

How To Appeal A Workers’ Comp Denial In MN

At Midwest Disability Work Comp, in Minneapolis, our worker’s compensation lawyers have a successful track record getting denied workers’ compensation claims approved. Our attorneys take fast action after a work comp claim denial in order to protect our clients’ rights and move forward with the claim process.

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Administrative Law Judge Hearings

There are various levels of workers’ comp appeals. The first is a hearing before an administrative law judge. With years of experience on our side, our lawyers are skilled at these hearings. We prepare for them carefully, ensuring that we have the necessary medical evidence and other documentation to make it clear to the judge why you need workers’ compensation benefits. At the hearing, the judge will listen to testimonies, review evidence, and issue a written decision. Our goal is to get a positive decision.

Workers’ Compensation Court Of Appeals

If the administrative law judge denies your claim, that is not the last step. When necessary, we will take your case to the next level, the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals. This is a significantly different style of appeal. There is no hearing. We must instead prepare all of the evidence carefully in written form to make certain the board understands why we are requesting workers’ compensation benefits. Our MN denied work comp claim lawyers are skilled in these types of appeals.

Minnesota Supreme Court

Our denied workers’ compensation attorneys strive for success in administrative law judge hearings and through the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, and we have an impressive track record of getting benefits at these levels of the appeals process. However, there are further levels. If necessary, we can take your appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court in order to seek the benefits you need.

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