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Amputation Injury Lawyers

No amount of money can make up for the loss of a limb. Yet, if a workplace accident caused the surgical amputation of one of your limbs, you can and should seek workers' compensation to help you pay your medical bills and recover lost income.

At Midwest Disability, our work injury attorneys have helped thousands of workers obtain workers' compensation benefits, including workers who have experienced life-altering injuries such as amputation injuries involving fingers, toes, arms and legs. We also represent clients who have sustained bodily injuries that have resulted in a permanent impairment such as the loss of mobility, strength or proper functioning of an arm or leg.

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Common Issues Involving Amputation/Loss Of Use Injuries

Cases involving an amputated limb or loss of use typically raise two significant injuries:

  • The worker's permanent partial disability rating (a rating given to workers who have lost the permanent functional use of a body part or parts — it is used to determine a specific amount of compensation the worker should receive for the loss)
  • The extent of the impairment's impact on a worker's ability to work

Our lawyers have extensive experience gathering and presenting evidence to prove the extent of a worker's injury and its impact on his or her life, as well as dealing with other critical issues that may arise.

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