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Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Minneapolis Vocational Benefits Attorneys

At Midwest Disability, we understand all of the workers' compensation benefits available to victims of workplace injuries. With more than 50 years of combined experience on our side, we have in-depth knowledge of vocational benefits available to people who are no longer physically able to do their previous job because of their injuries. We will help you take full advantage of these benefits in Minnesota.

Work With a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant

If you are unable to return to your previous job, your first step will be to work with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC). This is an expert whose services will be paid for through workers' compensation benefits. After determining that it is not possible to return to your previous job, the QRC will review other opportunities with your current employer. If such opportunities are not available, the QRC will look for jobs with other employers that are similar to what you did previously. When all other options are exhausted, and it is determined that there is no other work available at a similar pay level, the QRC may suggest a retraining program to get you started in a new line of work.

Get Retrained

The current job market can make it extremely difficult to find a new job comparable to your old job, even with the assistance of a qualified rehabilitation consultant. Retraining makes a lot of sense in many cases. Unfortunately, retraining is also expensive. Employers and workers' compensation companies will frequently fight requests for retraining. Our lawyers will fight back.

You may be eligible for a retraining program of up to three years in length. The goal is to get you the skills necessary to get you a job comparable to the one you left behind because of the injuries you suffered on the job.

Free Case Evaluations and Free Consultations for Injured Workers

Start with a free case evaluation. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Minnesota vocational rehabilitation attorneys, contact us online or call our offices directly at 855-604-1116. All cases are taken on contingency, meaning there are no fees until we recover benefits.