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Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Minneapolis PPD Benefits Attorneys

Workers' compensation is an extremely complex area of the law. One of the most complicated aspects of this area of the law is the concept of permanent partial disability benefits (PPD). A permanent partial disability is a disability that you will not recover from, but does not prevent you from returning to work. These benefits are based not on wages, but on the percentage of disability. At Midwest Disability, our lawyers understand how to handle this unique and complex aspect of workers' comp law. With more than 50 years of combined experience on our side, we know how to get you the benefits you need.

The Schedule

The way PPD benefits are handled has changed significantly over the years. At one point, it was based on the body part injured. Currently, it is based on the percentage of disability to the entire body. This percentage is referred to as the impairment rating.

In the workers' compensation statute is a compensation schedule that shows exactly how much compensation a person is entitled to based on impairment rating. For example, a person with an impairment rating of five percent may be entitled to $75,000 in workers' compensation.

In these cases, it is critical that our lawyers work closely with your doctor to make certain that your impairment rating is absolutely accurate, because a difference of a single percent can mean a difference in thousands of dollars in compensation. To make matters more challenging, you may have more than one impairment rating, depending on the nature of your injury. You can be confident in our ability to get an accurate rating and to make certain that you get the compensation you are entitled to based on that rating.

Lump-Sum Payments of Benefits

You may be entitled to have benefits paid out over time. You may also be eligible to receive a lump-sum payment of benefits or a single payment of all of the PPD benefits you are eligible for. We will educate you about your options and help you determine what is best for you.

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