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Minnesota Lawyer For Nurse Job Related Injury Claims

Nurses work on the front lines of our health care system, often serving as the eyes, ears and hands of doctors. Unfortunately, nurses also suffer job-related injuries at a higher rate than other health care workers.

At Midwest Disability in Minneapolis, our lawyers take the health and well-being of nurses very seriously. From our law office in Coon Rapids, we represent nurses in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota who have been injured on the job.

Types Of Nurse Injuries

Our attorneys handle all types of nurse injury claims, including:

  • Lifting injuries: Lifting and assisting patients, moving medical equipment, and other on-the-job activities can cause debilitating back pain.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Nurses tend to perform many motions over and over again, which can lead to stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement and hand injuries.
  • Falls: Nurses often work in environments where floors can become slippery from spilled substances or cleaning products.
  • Attacks: Nurses may be injured as a result of assaults from patients.

If you have a long-term disability policy through your employer or that you purchased privately, our attorneys can help you obtain all of the benefits you deserve. Many carriers of LTD insurance are willing to accept premiums but unwilling to pay claims.

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