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Minnesota Lawyers For Factory Worker Injury Claims

At Midwest Disability in Minneapolis, our lawyers have decades of experience helping factory workers and machine operators statewide get workers' compensation benefits. We are familiar with the many hazards these workers have to deal with.

Types Of Industrial Accidents

The faster factory workers move, the more money the factory makes. Unfortunately, the steps that factory managers take in order to improve efficiency often also increase the dangers in an already dangerous workplace. We have seen cases in which guards have been removed from machines. We have seen cases in which factory workers are pushed to work long hours. We have seen cases in which an injury was caused not by a single accident, but by having to repeat the same movements day in and day out for months or even years.

Our workers' compensation attorneys handle claims involving:

  • Punch press accidents
  • Conveyor belt accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Falling accidents
  • Falling objects

A factory employee may have purchased a long-term disability policy, either through the employer or privately. These policies are designed for times like these. However, it is not unusual to find that the insurance company will push back to avoid having to provide benefits. That is why it is critical to enlist an experienced lawyer to handle your case.

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